Hello world

I have been trying to start to build my digital presence for a while now.

I had some partially finished drafts on Medium for quite some time (more than I'd like to admit). I think I've only shown them to a couple coworkers.

After educating myself about the dangers of relying on a third party platform for my digital presence (fun fact: the Medium drafts seem to have vanished now), I have spent considerable time on the famous analysis paralysis of trying to start my personal website and choosing just the right stack.

Deep down, I knew I did not want to keep another application updated just to start writing. I wanted to start writing and them slowly improve my system.

But now, I think I have a good starting point. This first post I am writing on Hashnode.

I first heard about it on the Syntax Podcast, as a sponsor. The ad read caught my attention because it seemed exactly what I was looking for: a premade solution that I could "eject" anytime.

So here it is. I will try to start as simple as possible and slowly build it up.